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Dr. Laura van Staalduinen

Post-Doctoral Fellow, PhD (Queen's University)

Natalie Roy

Technician, (St. Lawrence College)

Greg Hicks Researcher, MSc (Queen's University)
Dr. Bin Guo Visiting scholar, PhD (Human Normal University)
Dr. Ron Li Visiting scholar, PhD (Chinese Academy of Sciences)


Jerry Y. Zhang

PhD Candidate, BSc (China Pharmaceutical University

Michael Lee

PhD Candidate, BSc (University of Toronto)

Olena Kourko MSc Candidate, BSc (Lakehead University)
Sohee Yun MSc Candidate, BSc (Queen's University)


Past Graduate Students:


Steffen Graether, Ph.D. 1999

Daniel Lim, M.Sc. 1999  

Christopher Hosfield, Ph.D. 2001

Eeva Leinala, Ph.D. 2002

Daniel Lee, M.Sc. 2003

Salima Nurmohammed, M.Sc. 2005

Jimin Zheng, M.Sc. 2005

Melanie Adams-Cioaba, Ph.D. 2006

Mike Suits, Ph.D. 2007

Clark Y. Zhang, visiting PhD student 2008

Daniel Lee, Ph.D. 2008

Jimin Zheng, Ph.D. 2009

Kateryna Podzelinska, Ph.D. 2010

Mark Currie, Ph.D. 2010

Brent Wathen, Ph.D. 2011

Laura van Staalduinen, Ph.D. 2012

Chelsy Chesterman, Ph.D. 2015

Brody Wheeler, M.Sc. 2015

Alex Andrew, M.Sc. 2016


Former Research Staff (Research Associates, Post-Doctoral Fellows and Technicians):


Dr. Chris Udell

Jim Blonde

Dr. Gour Pal

Neilin Jaffer

Dr. Jimin Zheng

Dr. Daniel Lee

Dr. Vinay Singh

Dr. Susan Yates

Dr. Mark Currie

Dr. Mei Yu

Dr. Fred Faucher

Dr. Qilu Ye

Dr. Brent Wathen

Dr. Wu Wu

Dr. Henry T. Huang

Dr. Mona Rahman

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