Gene name Top Status Plasmid Code Expression construct Assigned to Notes Date of last update
AF9 Expressed, insoluble          
AMPH PCR failed          
ARA70 Expressed, insoluble   pHis6-ARA70 Vinay Singh refolded from inclusion body 2004-04-19
BAF47 Expressed, soluble cp088 pBAF47-His6      
BCAR3 Expressed, insoluble          
BCAS1   no clone          
BCL10  Expressed, soluble cp071 pGST-BCL10      
BIN1  small crystals cp002 pHis10-BIN1   Crystal trials attempted 2004-04-19
BNSP Expressed, soluble cp037 pGST-BNSP   HSQC spectra, good expression 2004-04-19
BRCC3 no clone          
bri3 Cloning In Progress          
BSP no clone          
BUB1 Cloning In Progress          
CA125 (HOST) Cloning In Progress          
CBFA2T1 TA-cloned          
CD19 Expressed, soluble cp085 pCD19-His6 Beijing    
CDC10  Expressed, multiple bands cp040 pGST-CDC10 Qilu Ye, Beijing small crystals 2004-04-19
CTAG  no clone          
DAB2 Expressed, soluble cp066 pDAB2-His6      
DDIT3 small crystals cp004 pGST-DDIT3 Vinay Singh some nmr info 2004-04-19
DSCP1 Cloning In Progress          
E2A Expressed, soluble LeBrun clone LeBrun clone (GST tagged) Vinay Singh expressed 2004-04-19
ELL  Expressed, insoluble          
EMS1   Expressed, multiple bands          
EXT1 Cloned, no expression          
EXT2 Expressed, insoluble          
FBP Expressed, soluble cp052 pGST-FBP Qilu Ye purification in progress 2004-04-19
FRAT1  Expressed, multiple bands cp028 pGST-FRAT1 Released by Qilu Ye   2004-04-19
GAS41  Expressed, sparingly soluble cp046, cp048 pGST-GAS41, pGAS41-His6      
HD21 Expressed, soluble cp077 pGST-HD21 Qilu Ye small crystals 2004-04-19
Hest no clone          
HR54 no clone          
HRP1 no clone          
HSPB1  Expressed, soluble cp058 pGST-HSPB1 Beijing    
IGF2AS no clone          
IGFBP9 Expressed, sparingly soluble cp031 pGST-IGFBP9      
ING1 p24 Expressed, sparingly soluble          
ING1 p33 Expressed, sparingly soluble          
KLK8/Neuropsin Cloning In Progress          
Ku70-BP (KUB3) Expressed, insoluble          
LMO2  Expressed, insoluble     Beijing    
LYL1  PCR failed          
MA2 Expressed, sparingly soluble          
MTA1L1 Cloning In Progress          
MT-SP1/matriptase Cloned, no expression          
MXI1       Beijing    
NBS1 no clone          
PAP Expressed, soluble cp025 pGST-PAP Qilu Ye after cleavage, size problems 2004-04-19
PDCD2 PCR failed          
PDGFRL  Expressed, insoluble          
PDRG Expressed, soluble          
PEG10 Expressed, insoluble          
PRCC  Expressed, soluble cp009 pPRCC-His6 released by Vinay Singh worked stopped--no detectable expression 2004-04-19
RASSF1 Expressed, soluble cp074 pGST-RASSF1      
RBBP8   Expressed, insoluble          
RET43 Expressed, insoluble     Vinay Singh good insoluble expression  
RET51 Expressed, insoluble     Vinay Singh good insoluble expression  
RET9 Expressed, sparingly soluble cp110 pGST-RET9 Vinay Singh good insoluble expression  
SNCG  large scale purification cp010 pGST-SNCG Vinay Singh / Toronto HSQC spectra, good expression 2003-09-17
SSX1  Cloned, no expression          
SSXT  no clone          
ST5  Expressed, insoluble          
TCP10L Expressed, soluble          
TFAP2B  Crystals cp036 pTFAP2B-His6 Qilu Ye small crystals 2003-09-17
TOB/ERBB2 Expressed, soluble (poor)          
TPD52 Expressed, soluble cp061 pGST-TPD52 Qilu Ye